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Grow Bags(1)-24*6


Grow Bags(1)-24*6


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Each order will contain 1 grow bag. HDPE bags are light in weight and easy to move and lift. These grow bags are widely used in growing plants due to their light in weight. These growbags are most commonly used in all types of home gardening. These HDPE bags come with Green and orange in colour. These type of bags lasts max for 4 to 5 years after using for planting with care. can be used for 

Bag size in inches: 24*6

Suitable for growing all types of Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables and Flower plants. Not suitable for growing trees.

Note: Fill the bags with Soil+ Coco-peat+ Compost in 3:2:1 ratio for growing plants and avoid moving or lifting them frequently which can damage to roots of the plants.


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