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China Aster grows up-to a height of 44 cm and starts flowering after 130 days of sowing as per growing conditions and it keeps on flowering for next 1 month. Flowers can be used as cut flowers when made a cut 12 cm down from the flower. Cut flowers can be fresh for minimum of five days when kept in flower vase filled with Tap water.

Sow the seeds in rich organic mixture prepared by mixing compost, Garden Soil, Sand and coco-peat in 1:1:1:2 ratio, water the soil till water drains from the bottom. Leave the Soil for 5 mins so that all excess water gets drained and now sow the seeds. Cover the seeds with the same mixture just the double size of the seed. Don’t sow them much deep into the soil. Slightly sprinkle the water on the mixture and cover them with gunny bags/Polythene sheet or rice straw to maintain some humidity in soil which helps seeds to germinate well and faster. Once after seeing the good no of seedlings move them to the partial shade area and after 1 week move them to bright location. 

          Seedlings after growing to 10-13 cm in height transplant them to the actual pots or to the actual location during evening times and water well for the first time to set. From next day water regularly based on your soil and climate conditions. Don’t over water but just make sure soil is wet but not soggy or water logging.

 Note: For best germination results use all the seeds within 2 weeks after reaching you.


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